Thursday, April 25, 2013

How to Expand Nexus 7's Memory

Nexus 7, the affordable tablet with its delightful performance just runs out of memory while you need more storage! This is why, I think, expanding the nexus 7's memory can unleash the device's optimum functionality. With only 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB available memory users of Nexus 7 surely can't get enough of the device; thus, this post will help you to know: How to Expand Nexus 7's memory.

First of all, to expand the memory of your Nexus 7 device you will need three instruments.
1. An OTG cable
2. An android app that can connect the device with another flash memory device [such as pen drive, portable HDD]  via USB.
3. An USB flash memory.

For rooted nexus devices the StickMount app on google play; and for the devices that are not rooted or with the stock Jelly Bean OS, the Nexus Media importer app will flawlessly provide the facility to expand nexus 7's memory as far as you want! Well, Stickmount is free, while Nexus media importer is a paid app on google play [it costs $3.99]. As we like to keep our android up-to-date and to do that sticking with the stock firmware is best policy, thus we eventually necessitate the paid app instead of the free one!

So, to download Nexus media importer for your nexus 7 device, click on the link below and download it from

After you have installed either StickMount or Nexus media importer you may now proceed to expand the memory of Nexus 7. First, attach the USB flash memory device to the OTG cable and then connect it with your nexus 7 device. The application will automatically launch itself as it recognizes the flash memory.

The best feature this Media importer app delivers--is that it enables you to play any media directly from the flash memory, so that you don't need to copy it in your device.

If you face any problem in Expanding Nexus 7's memory, feel free to comment.