Friday, January 27, 2012

How To Find a [Specific] Blogspot Blog

Since many people search for blogspt blogs but come undone only sometimes about finding their desired blogspot blog. I think a simple trick may ease their search for a blogspot blog. In most cases, people whenever searching a blogspot blog, just include the word "blogspot" alongside their keyword [e.g. daily life blogspot]. But not luckily it always brings up the blogspot blogs at the top. Because google do not give the same priority to the sub-domains as they prioritize top level domains, and also the blogspot blogs are not such improved from the SEO aspect as other blogs are [e.g. wordpress].

Well to find your desired blogspot blog you have to change the spider a little bit. And that is to include SITE:BLOGSPOT.COM after you search keyword. As an example, suppose you want to find a blogspot blog which is about "Daily Life", then you can write in google's search box like this one: DAILY LIFE SITE:BLOGSPOT.COM.

Well, this trick also applies to other sites like, if you want to search something within, just write your keyword and then alongside include

To know more about google search tricks, just visit google's basic search help page.