Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Earn Easy Money By Clicking From Bangladesh or Anywhere [No Investment]

Earning money isn't always such easy as clicking and visiting websites are. But even if you don't earn a penny, you do visit websites just for time pass sometimes. I believe doing something with a purpose is rather boring than doing something for fun or to pass our leisure time. Especially for money, doing something is really boring, but we find it very hard to deny the money though! Thus, I have a very easiest way to earn money over the Internet by  just clicking. 

Firstly, the question arises in your mind is, how much they pay for each click?

The answer is they will pay you $0.01 (1 cent) for one click. Everyday, you will get 100 links per day to click and clearly you have to wait 30 seconds [the seconds' counting begins right when you click and not after the website loads].

So as it stands, your monthly income is: $30! Its not a pretty high figure - isn't it?

  • How much you would have to invest to get the opportunity to earn?
Basically, not even a penny! Technically, you would have to invest $50 for a premium account that would actually earn you the money, but again, you don't have to pay $50 from your pocket. You can spend 50 days by clicking and then when you have $50 in your account balance, you can upgrade the free account to a premium account with that money. So you see? No Investment at all! 

  • How many accounts you can have?
The answer is simple. You can have unlimited accounts! 

  • What about Referral Earning?
This is the most interesting part. If you are a good referrer of anything then you have a bright future. Every penny that one earns, the referrer of that person will earn 10% of it! So if you can refer 100 person then you will earn everyday through their clicks and not making one click by yourself! Another interesting thing is: One cannot just sign-up without any referrer!

  • Ready to start?
If you are ready to start earning money from home by only clicking, then Click Here
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