Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How To: Boost Blog Traffic Via Google Plus - SEO tips

Google+ (plus), another sensational product by Google, which is becoming the most effective SEO and traffic-driving tool for webmasters. However, a follower on google+ now means just not a follower, but also a subscriber too - who, in fact, subscribed your blog via organic search engine results page (SERP)! Other than this impact, google plus has also some other dynamic effects on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) like, it'll definitely help your pages get a higher rank at SERP! Well, this is a tricky concept to understand, but stay with me as I will discuss: how google+ will help your pages to crawl to the higher positions at SERP, even to them who are not your follower!

These explanations below would help you to boost your blog traffic via google+ (plus), definitely. But, before we get into the process, I would like to confess one thing - which is, the tricks will work better if you have or can have a good amount of google+ (plus) followers with the same interest as your blog is about.

In my google+ account I follow Rand Fishkin (CEO & Co-founder of SeoMoz). Now, by following him I get every recommendation he makes at the google's search result page, while I search with a keyword similar to the keyword of his recommended page! Basically, his activities are optimizing these (recommended by him) pages to come at the search engine results page for his followers. As an example, see a result on google's SERP.

Just because I follow Rand Fishkin, it's showing that he shared this page, which means: he buzzed this page. In the same way +1s and google+ shares also appear on the google's SERP, while someone search with a keyword which is similar to the keyword of the page that has got a buzz, +1, or google plus share, by a real people - the one follows.

Most of the times, these recommended pages come at a way more higher positions at google's search results page than the positions these pages used to appear. However, this opens a new portal for the page to get a higher search engine rank!!! To prove this, lets have two utmost SEO concept on the verge: CTR and Search Engine Results Page Ranking

Driving More & More Traffic From Organic Search Results of GOOGLE:

This is a well-known matter that CTR (Click Through Rate) has a huge impact on the positions of organic search results. If you don't know it then, lets be clear. Suppose, your page is appearing at the 10th position of google's search results on an specific keyword. Also suppose, people are choosing the 10th results (I mean your page) than other pages at your pages top. More precisely, your page is getting the higher rate of clicks than any other pages on the SERP. So, as google keeps every data of search results, because of high CTR google will simply push your page higher above the other pages( those were used to be at the top of your page and have got less clicks than your page has got)!

It's a double boost now for you, isn't it? HOW? Through +1, buzz, and google plus share, you are being able to show your google+ followers, that you've liked it. So, most of your followers would possibly check the page out, that means they'll click the result and the page's CTR will increase instantly. And because of the increased CTR, google might or can or will place you higher at the SERP to meet the people's demand of quality results.

If you have any doubt, please leave a comment. Also, if you have some other SEO explanations, let us know by leaving a comment.

Finally, if you can't have an ADD ME ON GOOGLE+ widget on your blog, then I reckon you can add a FOLLOW ON BUZZ button to your blog with only Google Profile, so that you don't miss the traffic.