Thursday, September 29, 2011

Google +1 button Tricks

You may have seen that many blogs and websites are having two +1 (plus one) buttons, where one is for posts and another is for HomePage. I personally recommend to use both the +1 buttons for the betterment of your blog. Also, you can use as many +1 buttons you want.

Firstly, go to Google's +1 button page, and then the basic styling and customizing tricks will begun. Select the +1 button you would like to have, such as medium, standard, tall, etc. Then choose the counter style, such as bubble or inline. If you don't want to have any +1 counter, just select none.  Also, you can increase the width of your +1 button, as you like; don't be bothered with the button's views at Google's +1 button page! Finally, See the picture below for better understanding.

Secondly, the reason I got encouraged to post about this topic is: I have seen many people are questioning about How to have a +1 button for my blog homepage? Here's how you can force an URL or Link to get +1'd. In the +1 button's page there would be an +Advanced options. Now Expand These options, and see the picture below.

Basically, you'll grab a button for your Homepage, but also if your blog is quite popular - I mean, if you have many people liking your blog's different categories, then you can grab +1 buttons for your Categories too. Also, it would be better if you make your button with HTML5 valid syntax, HTML5 has some positive effects definitely. On the other hand, you can grab the default (On Load) +1 button or the explicit +1 button. However, I would like Explicit +1 button because if you use two +1 buttons, sometimes both of them would not load. So, it can cause a problem. After you've selected all your desired options, then copy the code and paste it where you want the button to appear.

After adding +1 buttons to your blog, please check them that they work fine.