Thursday, October 13, 2011

How To Get High PR Do-Follow Link Juice?

As no-follow links don't pass any link juice (neither the Page-Rank nor the Anchor Text), thus the high PR do-follow backlinks are the wheel-power of Search engine optimization (SEO). Definitely, I have discussed about some link building mistakes, and also, there's another kind of link building trick that you do know but you care less! The Out-Bound links from a page really matters, and in fact, it has a mass effect on your blog pages' Page-Rank. As it is mentioned by Matt Cutts' that, the pages get crawled by google is roughly proportionate to your Page-Rank, hence, you must look at the link juice that the do-follow link will pass to your page and it's passed page-rank too. Finally, we must not get do-follow links from highly spammed pages or a page with above 200 out-bound links.

It all comes to this question: How to get high PR do-follow link juice? So, the solution is here! Though the solution is quite time consuming, but easy enough to understand. And if you don't have time for link building, then say good-bye to this post and buy some.

Get Started with searching blogs, which are not in English! Obviously there's a huge amount of blogs with incredibly high PR pages in other languages, such as in Spanish, Arabic, and blah blah blah. So, find out the blogs which are do-follow and in your native language first (if not in native language don't worry), and then get backlinks from those pages which have already been ranked by google. Unfortunately, if you are native English speaker or your native languages blogs aren't that popular, just follow the process below.

Find some blogs with high PR pages. Basically, find some high PR pages and then search for other PR pages within the blog (NOT ENGLISH BLOG). As an example, at, which is a Bolivian Blog; there're a bunch of PR2 and PR3 pages at only one archive link. As I have brought you some PR2 and PR3 pages from this one link are: Link 1, Link 2, and Link 3. All you have to do is: Go to the Page and Register ( Click on Registrese), Use google translator to translate the page, and finally, make a relevant comment (Translate it to that language before posting) with your Anchor HTML link at the end (using as it is your signature).

Anchor HTML link like: <a href='YOUR LINK'>YOUR KEYWORD</a>, or if <a href doesn't supported by the blog, use: <li><a href='YOUR LINK'>YOUR KEYWORD</a></li>.

Tips: Use SeoQuake to check PR of that Page, translate the pages and make completely related comment  in the language of the blog.

What Are the Benefits? 
Simply, go to the other languages' blog pages rather than English pages, and then definitely you'll see a huge difference between the number of Out-bound links of the pages. Generally, the other languages' pages has way less number of Out-bound links than the English blog pages, so it passes more Page-Rank than other English Pages as you can see how Page-Rank is calculated