Saturday, September 24, 2011

Any Advantages of no-follow Backlinks?

There're always advantages when you get backlinks from good sites or blogs (not link farms), regardless the blog is Do-follow or No-follow. Basically, you need both the do-follow and no-follow backlinks. In this post I will only discuss about what benefits do no-follow links bring to your blog.

Against all odds and controversy I still believe that even no-follow backlinks from a PR page pass an authority to the page it's linking to, as it doesn't pass any PageRank and anchor text too. Look at the youtube videos, and how they pop up at Search Engine Results Page! Also, look how social media buzz can lift a page up at the SERP (e.g. Tweet's impact on Search Ranking - An unexpected Case study)! Are these the impact of do-follow links? In this case, I would obviously say that Link votes are at the top of SEO. Maybe do-follow link votes will count at the summit, but trust me, no-follow link votes will be somewhere near that. If you ask why? Then, I would like to say that A link vote is quite hard to get, whereas, you can tell your friends and families to +1 your every blog posts. ;) You make a click and the post is recommended at google, but to give this post even a no-follow link vote, you have to write some related words and put the link under the keyword. So easy, eh?

However, lets move to another point. Are you using the webmasters tools provided by google? Just go there, you will see something different. Google webmasters tools will show you how many backlinks does your blog has, where they are coming from, and finally, what anchor texts they contain. Why google gathering all the information? For you, huh?! Why are you using google webmaster tools? Because, you want to know the performance of your site in the search engines, isn't it? Now tell me, what would you do with the no-follow links anchor texts, while google is not counting them? Also, undeniably a question definitely arises, is: why google would collect no-follow links anchor texts if it doesn't mean anything to it? The whole scenario just doesn't make sense at all!!!

There are so many other refutes and debates going on this no-follow links worthiness, so there should be many reasons which can prove that no-follow works fine with SEO. After-all, every webmasters has still his/her own reasons to claim the effectiveness of no-follow links. But, one thing for sure is - without some do-follow backlinks no-follow may not bring benefits for your contents. I believe, do-follow backlinks are used to lead search engine robots and no-follow backlinks open the robot's eyes to see the link to crawl.