Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Creating Quality Contents for Your Blog?

What defines a quality content as in the language of Search Engines' algorithm? A content which is optimized with keywords, attractive, and informative? From the SEO perspective, a quality content is: to which people will love to link to; this is so undeniably true. In short & exclusive way, it's the link votes, which are getting counted at the top.

I do accept what people say - "Content is the King", but is there lack of quality contents in the entire web? I guess, NO! Generally, quality site's quality contents are certainly being HERO to the search engine robots and getting a higher rank! Though, google had realized that early in this year that contents from high PageRank sites are getting exposed to people quite enormously and people are linking to it without checking out the better ones (which are on low PageRank sites); also had reacted to it with the panda algorithm update, but yet it's not actually solved at all. More precisely, it cannot be solved.

How To create quality contents for your blog?

As I have said earlier, a quality content is that: to which people will never hesitate to link to. It doesn't mean that your contents do not have to be attractive, and informative. About the keywords, it's a bit of tricky. Finding a keyword with less competition is quite a heresy in the late 2011. However, even if you find a less competitive keyword, there will be some big fishes out there who are possibly out of your reach. So, keyword choosing doesn't really help your content always. So, what should you do for creating quality contents?

  • Having a good impression to the visitors: I personally hate the sites with big large ads or any pop-up ads inside it. This things though earn you some money but make your visitors unlikely to link at your pages. So, even if you have the potential, you'll never ever get voluntarily given backlinks. 
  • Informative and Easy to read contents: Informative contents forces a same niche blogger to link-back to these contents. So, your pages are getting high link votes, so that possibility of getting higher ranking. Apart from informative contents, contents that are easy to read gets higher backlinks. The reason for that is - people whose native language is not English will not understand 100% perfectly, if you don't write in easy language. So if they don't understand the whole post, why they would link to your content? Do you want to lead your visitors to a content which is not yet understood by yourself?
  • Attracting the same niche bloggers: This is the most hardest and fruitful part for your contents. If you can earn the attention of you same niche blogger with your contents, today or tomorrow he'd leave a link to your contents. As an example: my blogging subject is SEO. So after reading my blog content, will a fruit blogger create a content for SEO and leave a link to my post? I don't think so! But what about another SEO blogger? If I can impress him, wouldn't I get a backlink from him (maybe one)? Now, attracting the bloggers in the same niche isn't easy, in fact, quite tough. There is one effective procedure which I am well-known to is: by being interactive to them. 

Apart from these actions, you'll be creating backlinks for your blog contents, as much as you can. I hope these tips will help your contents as well as your blog too, and mostly - how you'll create quality contents.